Why I Thrift

There are a load of reasons to thrift. I am a thrift-junkie, and it has a lot to do with money and being frugal! But I wanted to share some really great reasons to thrift outside of getting money for less!

1. Cheap Labor

This subject is a tricky one. Many people believe that cheap jobs for people in third-world countries are better than no jobs. But I would have to disagree. Child labor and cheap labor are a form of forced labor. People need work in countries where money is hard to come by, and large industries and companies that take advantage of these people to pocket more money. 

Cheap labor is abusive. Yes, workers in third-world countries may not have the full knowledge of how they are being taken advantage of, but big business and those who hire out of countries like Sri Lanka and India are fully aware of the conditions and the money that they get to pocket because they don't have to worry about minimum wages or fair hours. 

I can't say that I don't have clothing in my closet that are products of forced labor, but I have tried to be more conscious of what I buy that is new. When thrifting, we rule out the issue of cheap labor because the money is passed on to those recycling the clothes locally, rather than big business that abuse people from third-world countries. 

2. Create local jobs

One beautiful thing about thrift shops and consignment stores is the creation of local jobs! Being able to know exactly where your "new" clothes are from is refreshing. Its like shopping locally for food. It keeps neighbors and friends reliant upon one another and builds up the local economy. 

I have also really enjoyed getting to know the owners and workers in local shops. Instagram and social media has become a great way to connect with people through shops nearby!

3. It's better for the environment

I can't sit here and say I am particularly great at staying green. I am not the best recycler and I forget to turn off lights, here and there. But I am happy to help in the small ways that I can. 

Clothes pack landfills all around the US and the world. 13 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year in the US, alone! How insane is that? And your last-season acrylic sweater from Forever21 will be sticking around for years and years, no break-down with all of those man-made materials!

They seem like small reasons, but if we all did a little more thrifting and a little less cheap shopping, we would be saving humans, local businesses, and our world! 

Not always being "Okay"

((( All photos for the post were shot by the incredible and sweet and kind and wonderful Colleen! HERE is her site if you are in the ATL area and want to shoot! )))

So much of what the world tells us defines us is our ability to be okay. Whatever it cost, whatever it means, be cool. Don't feel down or angry or scared, just be happy and easy to care about. It's tough because it leaves no room for error or for growth. 

When you are just "okay" all the time, you can have ups and downs that teach you valuable lessons and grow you. Corey and I just watched Inside Out and it is such a great representation of this. Without sadness in the tough moments, we wouldn't be able to feel total joy in the best moments.

You don't have to pour your heart out to everyone at all times. But in relationships where you feel like you can dive a little bit deeper without the fear of judgement, do it. There is nothing more therapeutic than a good cry and a hug from someone who truly loves you. 

Being okay is so overrated! Being joyful in the blessed times and being resilient and real in the tough times is beautiful and much appreciated from those of us who are in search of authenticity! 

Being You

Since I was young I always chose specific role models that I looked up to. The older girls in the high school, Hannah Montana, etc. I was always called the copycat in elementary school because I looked up to certain people and did the things they did. I really struggled with being scared that I didn't know how to really "be myself" like other people seemed to. 

Since, I have learned so much about who I am and what it really means to be a "copycat." Being unique is impossible not to do, as human beings. We are all so crazy unique, and there is no one that could possibly ever be exactly like another. We are autonomous, thoughtful, and different. Gaining inspiration from others is just a part of life. We all have "girl crushes" and people we wish we could be as cool as. The important thing about being yourself is choosing not to live in a space of comparison. 

Comparison is the difference between looking up to someone and wanting to actually be someone else. Comparison takes you out of the beautiful and wonderful life that God has given you and puts you in a limbo, where you aren't yourself and you aren't the person you're comparing your life to. 

Social media is a big factor of comparison. Oftentimes, I look at a girl on social media and I see her clothes, her travels, where she lives, etc. and I wonder why my life is so boring. This attitude is so costly. It steals your joy, it steals your strength, and it steals your "youness." 

Don't worry so much about making sure you're 100% unique, because you already are. Instead, focus on recognizing the beauty in your day-to-day life and appreciating it. None of us need to travel the world or have the best style to lead a happy and wonderful life. Be you, and be inspired by others, and you will be happy. 

Who are some of your biggest girl crushes?

GIRL POWER: Sadie Hawkins Dance

I could not be more excited about Valentine's Day! I have to admit, there's something so exciting about being engaged and getting to celebrate on it. Engagement is such a short time in a relationship, but its so special. I don't want to take it for granted, wishing it away.  

I asked Corey to the Sadie Hawkins Dance put on by Rose Ln. Agency. I am so excited to dance and just enjoy celebrating V-Day. The dance idea is centered around empowering women to make their own fun and create romance for themselves. There is a general standard that men ask their ladies out on dates and to "go steady." But with Rose Lane, fight the norm and ask women to do what they want. Ask who you want and wear what you want and have a blast! 

If you're in the ATL area and you are free Saturday night, Feb. 10th, then come hang with us and dance and celebrate the power of being a girl with me! 

Buy tickets here: SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 2017

Undomestic Goddess

I know its a little bit dramatic, but my feelings inadequacies, no matter how small, have driven a lot of decisions I have made in my life. 


This feeling of inadequacy, which we all have, may be in our work life, or in our home life. With friends or with family. I find mine mostly in my inability to focus well and to communicate my feelings. It especially comes out when I consider becoming a mom and running a family. 

Life vs. Living

Being creative, I am the first to admit that I can barely keep my mind or attention on one idea for longer than a few minutes. And let's be real, iPhones and technology are quickly burning holes into our brains, so that is a definite reason as well.


photos by the ever-talented Kaden Polk

I think it’s easier to create a kind of headspace of being, instead of doing. It sounds silly, but it works for me. When I was in school, which I loved and miss dearly already, I would choose to be a student. What does a student do? Study, go to class, aim for good grades. Instead of feeling this need to having to do something, I chose to be something. Being a student is a heck of a lot easier when you recognize yourself as an achieving and accomplished student. Rather than living and working away from living, focusing on how "if only I could be done with xyzzy, then I would finally be living". 


I have been so busy lately. Which is great, because time flies and I feel like I am never bored. I just got a new job, I am finally blogging consistently and creating content I am loving, and still able to focus on maintaining my relationships with loved ones. 


How do you keep organized? I had 100 errands to run today, and it went super well because I actually made a list and planned out where I was going in order to location and purpose. Wow, life-changing. Maybe its because my attention span is at a negative number, or I am just that disorganized, but I really am so glad I have kind of found my own way of scheduling and organizing life. 


I wanted to share a few of my favorite current blogs. These people inspire me so much and I think it is huge to constantly grow and learn from your peers. Check them all out! The are so talented and the work shows! Here are some things that I absolutely love about these ladybosses... 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.58.00 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.59.06 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.49.13 PM.png



Monday Blues

I have been really struggling with social media lately. I think it's definitely a personal issue, but nonetheless its been a struggle. I feel like, for so long, I fell into a place of insecurity and comparison. To the point that I sacrificed what I stand for. Now, I am trying to make amends but also maintain a sense of confidence and individuality. I am so proud of my very recent work, and I think it's because I am being 100% myself. SO I wanted to share a little bit about how Instagram works, and the not so good that can come from it. 


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Flowers & Fridays

It has been so dreary and rainy lately.. Blah. I decided to pick up some fresh flowers from the market to put me in good spirits. It helped a lot. While I was there, the florist and I were chatting, and as small talk does, we landed on the weather. I was complaining about how I don't love the rain and it bums me out. She (kindly) replied, 'well, rain did bring those flowers into your life.' 


Tutorial: 3 Styles of Twist Braids

I have never been super into make-up, and I certainly love fashion, but it can get expensive. So I have always enjoyed experimenting with braids and hairdos. I have recently discovered the beauty of the twist braid, so I figured I would share 3 tutorials on how to rock the Twist braid. 

The twist braid is just about the easiest braid ever. And it looks like you spent hours on it. It reminds me of those days in middle school where girls would do a pull-through ponytail with their hair. It's the same technique, but a little bit more messy and deconstructed. These tutorials are easy to do, cute, and you can spice them up with some ribbons, like I chose to. 

Retro: Why Things Change

I am the kind of person that is constantly changing my mind. I ask the waitress to come back twice because I just can't decide what I want for lunch. I stress over what flavor of ice cream I want. I struggle deciding on my OOTD. (All of these are major first-world problems, I am very aware of this!) This is a huge part of why I have created and deleted blogs and vlogs so much over the last few years. A lot of it has to do with my short attention span, but also my fear of making the wrong decision. 


Halfway to Halfway: Turning 25

I have to admit, I love birthdays. How fun to celebrate the beauty of life! My family always makes a big deal about birthdays, so I always try to make birthdays fun for those that I love. This year is extra special because it marks 25 years! I am so happy to be getting older, learning lessons (even the harder ones), and growing.


Over the last 25 years, there are plenty of things that I would do differently if I could and things that I regret. But today, I want to focus on the things that I am glad I did and things that I believe make my life so perfectly messy.

Here are a few things I wouldn't do differently:

Busy First Week of 2018

I have absolutely fallen for ROMWE.com. This sweater is currently $20 and I am in love with it. The color and the sleeves! YES. 


On an unrelated note, Corey and I are house shopping! It's been so fun, and I can't wait to make a home with him (and out pups) and start our life together off with a place of our own. Atlanta is an amazing place to live and raise a family, and I think we've found the right area for us! 

My Skincare Routine

We all want clear, glowing skin. I struggled with acne for the better part of the last 7 years. It's hard when you just feel like you'd rather wear a paper bag than go out in public because your breakouts are so bad. It took me a while, but I found my perfect skincare routine that beat the acne I struggled with for years and continues to fight it while also benefitting my health and costing about $25. Here are some of my greatest tips and tricks and play-by-play of how I changed my skin!


Reality > Sociality: My Journey on Social Media

I shared this story a few months back on my old blog. I still find the words to ring true, today. Social media is wonderful and powerful, but it can also be detrimental to your spiritual and emotional well-being. Take care of your heart and give yourself a break!


I started out in social media marketing on Instagram about 2 years ago. I saw all the beautiful models advertising the newest Triangl bikini and wanted to do the same. I started taking high-quality, visually appealing photos over the next few months and my followers and likes count grew steadily. I began getting deals with really great brands and making a little bit on money here and there. I also started working with some amazing and creative people! Unfortunately, I sort of lost myself along the way...

2017 Round-Up & 2018 New Year's Resolutions

Here's to 2017! What a wonderful, life-changing, overwhelming year. 2017 has been beautiful, tough, valuable and messy. I am truly grateful for what I have learned this year! Below I have listed a few things that have really made this year special, and then my resolutions for 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.51.37 AM.png

1. Getting ENGAGED.

Of course this is #1 on the list, even though it was towards the end of 2017... 

The Victorian Atlanta - Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market has a way with me. I love the old glass of the windows and the hollow sound heels make on the antique floors. I had a fun day with my sweet friend over at www.mondaynalu.com eating our weight in ramen and looking at greenery.